How We Work

Like fingerprints, we understand that each quartz need is unique. 

A successful business partnership with us is built around your business goals, the needs of your users, and the ways your quartz part needs to function.

Step 1:

Discovery Phase

Getting to know you, your business, and your quartz needs

After submitting a website inquiry along with a part drawing, you will hear back from one of our team members within a day, often within minutes. During this phase we assess your part design and determine which of our manufacturing capabilities will be needed during production. Our extensive experience and machining capabilities allow us to work on a large spectrum of parts ranging from simple pieces to complex, custom designs. In this discovery phase, our cross functional teams will collaborate to provide you with a complete, cost-effective solution that right for you.

Step 2:

Project Kickoff

After a purchase order is received, QQE allocates material for your part(s) and we place your order into our production queue. If any last-minute design changes are requested, we will happily adjust accordingly.

Step 3:

Production Phase & Ongoing Support

Once your parts move into the production phase, we will provide status updates as needed to provide full visibility of our progress to you.  Due to the varying degree of part complexity, we can provide a sample product to you for initial testing before completing production of your order to ensure the success of this part and your project.  If you have a critical part and need a sample, please don’t hesitate to let us know! We want our customers to get exactly what they need and will take extra steps whenever necessary to deliver that.

Step 4:

Quality Control

Along with standard metrology tools, QQE validates your exacting specifications with the use of highly accurate and digitally controlled coordinate measuring machines.   Our experienced operators and inspectors are skilled in the use of metrology tools, drawing interpretation, GD&T and visual characteristics, ensuring the highest quality throughout the manufacturing process.

Step 5:

Cleaning & Packaging

QQE offers various types of cleaning for your specific need.  This can range from basic aqueous detergent cleaning to various types of precision cleaning, measured in atoms per square centimeter.  QQE also can provide clean room packaging in an ISO 5 (ISO14644-1) certified clean room. Contact our capable staff and we can assist you with your specific packaging requirements.

Step 6:


The most exciting part of the project is always handing over finished parts to the customer.  Your success is our success.  We love to hear how our parts perform for our customers – please let us know! We ship both domestically and internationally and use all major carriers. 

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