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Looking for an experienced, dependable Quartz Plate manufacturer? Quality Quartz Engineering/Behm Quartz Industries (QQE/Behm) is a major US company, with expertise in the design and manufacture of Quartz Plate products for the Fiber Optic, Semiconductor, Solar and Lighting Industries. With three locations in the United States and a team with years of experience manufacturing quartz glass and Quartz Plate products, we are dedicated to providing quality solutions for all of your quartz manufacturing needs.

Quality Quartz Engineering and Behm Quartz Industries teamed up in September of 2009 with Behm Quartz becoming a wholly owned subsidiary. With our combined knowledge and experience from our team members, we are able to provide quality Quartz Plate products, at fair prices, while offering an excellent customer experience.

QQE/Behm provides a wide range of products, from plates, flanges and simple discs to highly complex and tight tolerance components, used by industry leading Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturers and Quartz Fabrication companies throughout the world. Our wide range of services can accommodate small size components and large size components, in excess of 36 inches (914mm). Now matter how large or small the scope of your project, QQE/Behm has the knowledge, experience, and tools to create superior Quartz Plate.

QQE/Behm is an authorized distributor for Momentive Performance Materials (formerly GE), stocking both standard and high purity materials to meet your every need. In addition, we offer other materials such as Heraeus (TSC), Qsil and Tosoh (NSG), in both clear and opaque. Specialty materials, such as Synthetic Quartz, Al2O3 and Silicon are available to meet your varying requirements. If we don't have the material you are looking for, we can get it. No matter what your material needs are, QQE/Behm has the tools for quality Quartz Plate fabrication using the material of your choice.

With approximately 100,000 combined square feet of brick and mortar, QQE/Behm can handle all of your machined Quartz Plate requirements. We offer a complete array of services and capabilities to enhance your quartz experience with us. It is our company mission to provide cost-effective, high quality quartz components made to customer specifications, while offering superior service and exceeding expectations. Need to ask us a question about your Quartz Plate needs? Get in touch today!

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